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We have the latest technology and are supported by CREO system; it is linked up with printing Department by CIP III to provide full information from pre-press. Beside of these, there are in house designers operate MAC for both customer and company design products


This is for films assembling, press plate setting and developing, step and repeat film coping, etc.


There are 16 offset printing presses with different color combination and functions, such as 10 color perfecting press, 6 color double perfecting press, some have coating unit, ink  temperature control, fully automatic plate loading service, etc. We also have UV printing presses, which allow printing onto plastic, film, foiling board, fabric or other materials. Beside of these, there is also a color control system CCI 2D by Man Roland. Our presses are linked together with a PECOM network for job scheduling, color setting and print size setting.

In order to fulfill different packaging business, we also have machines for silkscreen printing as well as rotogravure and flexographic printing.


It is an advance printing machines different from traditional offset printing. We can provide fast service for variety of commercial printing product such as leaflets, coupons, name cards, as well as personalized items.


It provides convenience to handle sensitive data in high security and one-stop-shop services, such as billing and confidential data.


There are 27 envelope-making machines for different type of envelopes, such as diamond, pocket, wallet and document type. Additionally, we also provide options for envelope with self-adhesive, in-lay tissue and different size of windows.


We can offer padding, saddle stitching binding, perfect binding, case binding, double wire-o and plastic spiral binding for different type of book or printed matters. There are also more than 100 machines for other post press finishing, such as die-cutting, folding, foiling, embossing, indexing, BOPP laminating, gild edging, round corner cutting, UV coating, automatic hang tag making, etc.


We have more than 1,000 well-trained workers for doing lettershop. We are professionally trained under ISO 9001 management system, and have more than 20 years experience with it.


We provide difference types of packaging, such as rigid boxes, shopping bags, hand made greeting cards, puzzles, gift set assembling, etc.


It is an independent Department, which is directly report to our General Factory Manager. We are following the ISO 9001 standard for both the inbound and outbound quality checking. To avoid for any potential problem, the product will undergo different testing prior to mass run or packing, such as vibration test, temperature test, drop test and metallic test for toys packaging.

The smooth integration of these different departments allows us to offer a full range of quality products while running a streamlined operation.